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Apply for Certified Master Trainer Program 

Certified Master Trainer(CMT) Certification

Certified Master Trainers are professionals who have achieved the highest level of certification in the field of training and development. These individuals have completed advanced training and demonstrated mastery of the skills and knowledge necessary to design, develop, and deliver effective training programs.

Certified Master Trainers are often responsible for designing and delivering training programs to employees, managers, and other stakeholders within an organization. They use a variety of training techniques and tools, such as instructional design principles, adult learning theories, and technology-based platforms to create engaging and effective training experiences.

Certified Master Trainers are highly valued in many industries, as they play a critical role in helping organizations achieve their goals and objectives through effective training and development programs. They are often seen as leaders and experts in the field of training and development and may be called upon to provide guidance and mentorship to other professionals in the industry.


In order to become a Certified Master Trainer Program, individuals must complete the following requirements:

CMT Experience Requirements:

Candidates applying for Certified Master Trainer (CMT) Program must be currently serving or have served as an instructor or facilitator for a period of five years.  ( Three years if USN/USMC/USAF/USA/USCG Master Training Specialist (MTS) or Master Instructor (MI).  The candidate Must have attended a formal Instructor/Facilitator Course to include Military Basic Training Instructors (Waiverable with seven years of documented facilitation/instructing).


CMT Education & Training Requirements:

Complete Certified Master Trainer program consisting of 30 hours of  candidate preparation and 6 contact hours of one-on-one coaching.  The program will require the candidate to complete all assignments and pass a virtual/live evaluation.



CMT Examination Requirements:

The CMT Certification examination is a live virtual evaluation.  The candidate must be able to demonstrate the development and the delivery of a Period of Instruction. The candidate is required to show competence in each of the following areas:

  • The Role of a Master Trainer

  • Training Needs Analysis & Program Design

  • Training Delivery & Facilitation

  • Training Evaluation & Improvement

  • Training Management & Logistics

  • Building & Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships


CMT Examination Cost:   $785.00

  • The cost of certification includes retest. Certification expiration date is 3 year from the date of initial certification

  • Recertification cost: $100.00 and also includes retesting.

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